Large size Wood Horn F280A
600,000yen(One piece, with Throat adapter)
@This product is a large-sized horn to the extent that wooden shaving appearance was carried out to outside dimension 806Wx330Hx513D and it did not think conventionally as a horn. Although that which had many which have a narrow difference size of an opening and to which the frequency response fell below 1kHz to cutoff frequency was most, the conventional horn set up cutoff frequency high compared with opening area with this machine so that it may improve the portion. Although the usual state number of the exponential horn was used for the spread of a horn in the conventional horn in many cases, the tendency for the frequency characteristic near cutoff to descend was seen by this system.
Therefore, at our company, it succeeded in adopting the curve of a hyperbolick horn and acquiring a frequency characteristic almost wide in a flat to near 280Hz of cutoff frequency. It was said that it was not that it is used conventionally unless the crossover frequency of a horn loudspeaker is more than twice the cutoff frequency. However, in this machine, it can be used now by improving the spread usual state number of a horn from 400Hz which is 1.5 times the frequency of cutoff frequency. The up-and-down board of this machine is manufactured by the method of beginning to delete from the laminate lumber block of Asada Cherry wood very as big as 810x470x142mm. The weight of the one board is about 40kg. Furthermore, if it also begins to delete a side board from the laminate lumber of 62mm thickness and it is total, nearly per set 100 laminate lumber is required. Laminate lumber uses material wood as tabular material, and since it laminates and manufactures it, it needs nearly per horn 250 materials in the original material wood. wooden shaving appearance of this is carried out, and the reproduction sound which is the maximum thing as a horn, and deleted, and there is almost no horn resonance, and it was attached to the large-sized horn for cut out procesing, and was wide opened from the horn resonance which was a thing and which cleared up is obtained. In F280A, it is considered as the lengthwise direction usage who turned the board material of laminate lumber in the direction before and after the transfer speed of sound exceeded. Therefore, a spread of sound and diffusion of sound are good, are clear, and have obtained a speedy sound.
Moreover, it worries about resonance in the part which an internal separator fin has in a sound way, and is thin and becomes weak in intensity. Since it is assembling in the form which uses strong, very hard African Black Wood material in this machine, and also processes a slot into an up-and-down board, and puts a separator fin, intensity is secured in 10 minutes with the thin sharp separator fin. Our horn has been following the form of the side curve type day splinter group horn which gave the separator fin to the inside for some time. In this machine, in order to also raise the directivity of the up-and-down direction further, maintaining the view, the place which it was from the ending point of the fin in the former about the position which the up-and-down direction begins to open was brought near more near Sloat, and was designed open gradually from the Sloat nearness. Perpendicular directivity can be controlled now to lower frequency by it, as a result, the frequency characteristic was raised in the inside low frequency sound region, and it succeeded in acquiring the more smooth frequency characteristic in a flat.
The F280A upper part and a separator fin part. It is both a photograph in the Brown finish.
The photograph left is a flank part of F280A. A photograph top is a gun gold Sloat adapter portion. Both finish is the cases of the Brown color of a special order color. The support of Sloat's lower part becomes a fulcrum of the three-point support in the case of an arrangement. These are standard accessories.
@A horn enlarges gradually the sound wave emitted from the driver unit inside the horn way, enlarges volume in the process, and determines the direction of sound. Therefore, inside the horn way, if there is an obstacle or there is a portion narrowed down in area, reflection of sound will arise there, and it becomes a cause by which sound is confused. Since this machine does not have a portion which makes a size small in every position inside the horn, there is no disorder of the characteristic by reflection, and the infinite smooth characteristic has been acquired. The directivity of this machine is giving the directivity of the moderate width of 90 horizontal directions and 40 perpendicular directions. The directivity of a horn becomes easy to be influenced by reflection of the room, when too large. Moreover, when too narrow, it tends to become a tight sound with a directly strong sound from a horn. The directivity of this machine has acquired the moderate directional characteristics which are easy to hear it in a general listening room.
The Sloat adapter with sufficient intensity of gun gold is adopted as this product. An internal structure is only changes into a square shape (50mm x 60mm) from the circle of the diameter of 49mm by a length of 60mm. Inside the Sloat adapter, a spread of a sound wave is automatically led to a horn, and junction of a driver and a horn is supported firmly. The gun gold is the alloy of tin and copper, since intensity is very heavy high moreover, and has little resonance, and it is famous for the sound being beautiful. The weight is about 4kg only in the Sloat adupter part. In this product, I stood the support to the gun gold Sloat adapter, and made it able to perform three-point support bases so that it may be stabilized at the time of an arrangement by putting an arrangement base on horn both sides. A horn may also change sound greatly by the method of the arrangement. In this hone, by three-point support, the influence on the sound by the vibration from a woofer unit was decreased, and improvement in sound quality is realized.
F280A+TAD4001 F280A+JBL2445J
F280A dimensions
F280A Specifications

Form : Side curve type Wood defraction horn
Recommendation crossover: 400Hz
Cutoff frequency of a horn: 280Hz
Directivity: Horizontal 90 degrees, Vertical 40 degrees
Diameter of Sloat : 4.9cm
Macthing unit :such as TAD4001, JBL2441, and 2445
Quality-of-the-material:Asada Cherry wood laminate lumber
Appearance Finish :Rose color and furniture tone urethane paint finish (special order color is also possible as option)
Outside dimension:W806xH330xD513mm(Sloat adapter is included)
Price : 600,000 yen (one piece)
A gun gold Sloat adapter and with a three-point support arrangement base (build to order)

The design of this machine, specification, etc. may be changed without a preliminary announcement for improvement.