Company outline

Trade name Yamamoto sound craft corporated company
Establishment date August 1, 1994
Capital 10 million yen
Location 726, Sagaki-cho, Ono-city, Hyogo 675-1323
Employee Six persons
Correspondent bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Miki branch
Main business Manufacturing and selling of audio allied products, and handle manufacture of common hardware


1982 Representative director Shigeki Yamamoto is an object for audios in here with the name of the Yamamoto sound craft. It is a manufacturing-and-selling start about the wood phone F320.

1984 The past F350 of wood phone F350-2 is put on the market.

1986 The large-sized wood phone F280 is overly put on the market.

1987 1st set of NC processing machine for woodwork and Heian Ilon works NC-431P is introduced.

1987 Wooden CD rack CK-20 is put on the market.

1993 Vacuum tube amplifier Y-300SS is put on the market.

August, 1994 It organizes with change and is considered as the capital with 10 million yen for Yamamoto sound technical incorporated company.

October, 1994 The audition room which became independent in completion and an office building about a new office building is established in present address.

November, 1996 2nd set of NC processing machine ATC and product made from Shoda steel works NC-16 type is introduced.

January, 1997 It follows on death of representative director Shigeki Yamamoto's father, and is a father's enterprise (general wood working industry).

February, 1999 CAD of three-dimensional processing software, GRADE made from a CAM soft Hitachi Zosen information system CUBE 2 is introduced.

February, 2005 Vacuum tube power amplifier A-08S (45 single stereo amplifier) is U.S. A SOTA prize is won in a web magazine 6 MOONS.

October, 2005 CAD of two-dimensional processing software, CAM software, and the Hamamatsu combination Nazca series are introduced.

The main equipment

NC processing machine for woodwork: Two sets, In addition to this A set of woodwork processing equipment

Main customers

Kanzitu-electricity incorporated company, incorporated company Audio Thechnica, an incorporated company Dynamic audio, and An incorporated company Disk union