Wooden head shell HS-1/HS-2

HS-1, HS-2 are the head shell for the analogue cartridge made of very rare wood matelial. As for the head shell the most have been made with the metal until the present. It is because it was difficult that it obtains the accuracy and strength in wood matelial etc. in terms of the strength and processing accuracy. Our company, because be good the wood matelial and plastic precise processing technology the processing of the wooden head shell that utilizes the technology and match to the analog player was enabled.

It is many advantages in the wood matelial. One is given that sharp resonance is difficult to go out because the department loss is big soon. Even to the metal remains to speaker box etc. and be not used the is easy to resonate be a factor. It is conceivable that the influence of the resonance of the whole arm is big even the head shell. It is conceivable that it can restrain the influence of the resonance fairly, by using the head shell of the big wood matelial of the inside loss there.

The strength is high out of the wood matelial in our company, selected the African ebony and Asada cherry tree as the beautiful material of the sound also and commercialized as the head shell. The African ebony is the material of the beautiful black of the sound that is used to the oboe and the clarinet. There is specific gravity about 1.4 and have the value close to the highest among the wood matelial the strength. Therefore we did as cut the tap of the screw to head shell oneself and be pinned the cartridge directly. On the other hand, the Asada cherry tree material is Hokkaido of fairly hard, be heavy, the 0.75th place specific gravity material in the wood matelial. It is the material that judged that the sound is good most as for the speaker out of the material that our company is various for the sound. Besides it is used to case department etc. of the flooring material and headphones and there is the goodness of the sound an established opinion. Carefully selecting the duramen of the good Asada cherry tree of the only quality in HS-2 most even the middle it is using it. This Asada cherry tree material did as it is pinned the cartridge firmly by using the plate for the screw stopping of the finger gambling combined use made of the brass, because it does not cut such hard the screw. We are maintaiing the weight balance with the combination with the plate made of this brass, because specific gravity of the cherry tree material is lighter in comparison with the metal and ebony. The prudence became with about about 10 g with both machine types. HS-1, HS-2 fit the wind of the wood matelial and do carefully the touch of a material and be finishing, applying the wood matelial protection paint of the echo paint system that almost there is not an influence in the human body. Please feel realistically of wood matelial original appearance/softness that holds.

The sound the tone quality of HS-1, HS-2 be beautiful and that the reverberation is beautiful a characteristic with call able to will. It differs entirely from the shell made of general metal and be natural and please confirm a gentle sound with your ear by all means to the ear.

Because the prudence is light belonging of we stop this product and caused to belong the gold plating screw made of the brass to the screw. The brass is able to increase the prudence a little when the screw of long of the length is used because specific gravity is big. Because it has performed the gold plating in the top where did the foundation without the magnetism to the brass screw feeling relieved you could use it.

Also, the influence of the magnetic force feels relieved at a big MC cartridge, because apply the finger of HS-1 and be performing the gold plating without the magnetism to the screw stopping department of the department, HS-2 and could use.

HS-1 spec.

We finish the echo paint the material: the body: the African ebony material we finish the unmagnetism gold plating the finger gambling department: the brass.

External form measure: 18 (W) 50 (L) 18 (H) the attachment department is eliminated

Without including the attachment screw the prudence: 10.2 g

Accessories: the gold plating attachment screw 3 seed belonging made of the brass

Price: 9,000 yen

HS-2 spec.

We finish the echo paint the material: the body: the Asada cherry tree material duramen selection choice.

We stop the screw/we finish the unmagnetism gold plating the thick brass the finger gambling department: 1.5 mm.

External form measure: 18 (W) 50 (L) 18 (H) the attachment department is eliminated

Without including (the attachment screw the prudence: 10.4 g)

Accessories: the gold plating attachment screw 3 seed belonging made of the brass.

Price: 8,000 yen

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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