38cm plane baffle speaker system YS-605P

  YS-605P does duplex speaker unit 605A, or 605B of ALTEC the refine in our company and mount a simple plane baffle and be the speaker system that finished. ALTEC 605A, B are assumed about that was designed as for the homes of 604 series duplex speakers 40 years ago. As for the speaker unit of ALTEC the durability is high, it keeps good condition although be evaluated highly yet and be many even if the long time called about 40 is passed and be used. Inserting 604 system duplex units of these to our company original enclosure from about 10 years ago in our company it is commercializing it as YS-604.

It has understood that it is possible to improve those tone qualities furthermore by performing several improvement, with the curriculum that we came by using these duplex units. The height of the evaluation is able to feel realistically with the speaker that was possible be good 604,605 system duplex units certainly. However, we feel even the dissatisfaction to the distortion impression and quantity of information etc. compared with the latest excellent speaker system. The on the other hand, the height of the efficiency become a very big merit with the value called about 100dB/1 1W. m namely the transformation efficiency and can obtain the sound that did it with lively with the vacuum tube amplifier of the small output. Our company might have launched the vacuum tube ceremony single amplifier of the small output mainly and the high speaker of the quality was necessary by all means with high efficiency. Thereupon, pouring the technology that amends the speakers of these ALTEC particularly, in our company and fostered in 20 years at the present moment of our company we would commercialize, remodel it as the unit of original specification. The unit made 605A, B that the level of the register where there being few comparatively low rises of middle frequency range be obtained easily. And we adopted the plane baffle method simply, without adopting the box to the enclosure particularly. We were understanding that the natural sound and clear sound that are not obtained to the plane baffle in the enclosure with the spare experiment in our company be obtained. The clearness of a middle low register becomes a rare advantage as the substitute although the quantity impression of a low register is modest. The plane baffle those costs are pressed down on a simple reason fairly cheaply. Adopting the bonded wood of the Asada cherry tree that judged that the sound of more is good as the material for the speaker in our company luxuriously it is succeeding in commercializing it at a low price.

The characteristic of No.1 of YS-605P is that it adopted the circle form horn that depends to take out original ebony material shaving. If the network becomes complicated from a long time experience, in our company we are feeling realistically that those tone qualities get worse indeed and even the information drops. Thereupon, we examined the method that cuts the horn band of the only high frequency gange and finish, without using the filters of the low frequency units of 605 units. The ALTEC605 system unit is assumed when it is using the magnetism circuit and corn paper equivalent to the ALTEC416 system woofer. As for these units the quality is good, we have the flat characteristic fairly to the middle frequency range. On the other hand, the unit of the high frequency gange drops the high frequency fairly as a whole, although it is a docile characteristic with 2 inches of diaphragms of 800 systems and be a that frequency characteristic. It ALTEC composes the such network that restrains the baritone part and be summarizing the frequency characteristic. Aiming to adopt the such network that is doubled as the filter and attenuator with 1 capacitor by utilizing the decrease characteristic of this high frequency gange in our company we designed an original horn unit. The form of the horn made the high horn of the cut off frequency, as the shortstop type type of the circle that pressed down the influence to the woofer unit on the minimum. And the filter capacitor is revising the frequency characteristic across the high frequency gange, by adopt a smaller value than the calculation value intentionally and dropping from high frequency. Giving even the work as the attenuator by adjusting the value of the capacitor furthermore the abolition of the attenuator was materialized substantially. We were able to obtain a practical frequency characteristic with the extremely simple network that calls it with 1 capacitor as a result. Thus even the uncontinuation of the phase characteristic of the low register and high frequency gange that are made the problem generally are pressed down on the minimum.

The material of the horn adopts the ebony material of hard elaborate undirt and start to shave precisely by the NC processing machine and be as the almost nonexistent horn unit of resonance. We adopt the polypropylene capacitor of the highly efficient Lagu terminal type of the U.S. sprague (Dearborn) the company to the capacitor for the filter and resin high strength epoxy resin to the case made of the ebony in the own company and be using it. lso, we are exchanging the speaker terminals of 605 units to an our company original large terminal. Thus total of 4 points of contact of the terminal parts decrease and the quantity of information of the music is going up substantially.

The speaker of the ALTEC 604,605 system is a big characteristic even that the conformity is increasing even if it corresponds to classic music with these improvement, although it was said that it is not suited to the classic although it fits the jazz and popular music conventionally. Please confirm this new ALTEC sound with your ear by all means.

Furthermore, YS-605P is adopting the unit of the vintage. Those units are the production of about 40 years ago and there are the condition various things by the unit. There is a little difference in the condition and appearance, tone quality such as the one where the old diaphragm was exchanged and was repaper a possible thing, diaphragm as it is. Please acknowledge that the difference by those may result at the time of the delivery of the product.

YS-605P spec.

Style: the plane baffle method 38 cm of duplex 2way speaker systems

Use speaker unit: ALTEC 605A or 605B (reconstruction in our company)

It is the unit for middle to high frequency: ebony material shaving and the processed goods/circular horns

Material of the plane baffle: the Asada cherry tree material bonded wood 25 mm the thick/urethane coating

Impedance: 16Ω
Frequency characteristic: 35 Hz〜18,000 Hz

External form measure: 996 (W) x 910 (H) x 285 (D)

Weight: 36 kg

Price: 480,000(1pc. without shipping cost)

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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