38cm 2 way speaker system YS-500 650,000yen (1 piece)

- Highly efficient 2WAY system centering on a wood horn

YS-500 is 2WAY speaker system constituted focusing on wood horn SS-500 of our company. The newest woofer unit and 1-inch Sloat driver unit which are produced now are adopted as a speaker unit. Both units have adopted the neodium magnet. They have attained 98 dB/W/1m of seicitivity by the powerful magnetic circuit. The merit of this sensitivity is charm with big sound pressure sufficient with the tube amp of the output of only one to 2 W being obtained. Moreover, since the impedance is 8ohms, with both a tube amp or transistor amplifier, it is easy to use it and it has become. The wood horn carried out the adoption stripes of SS-500 with the product with our company on sale as a unit from before. SS-500 is the highly efficient horn manufactured by the the laminated wood of cherry wood. It is the greatest feature that there is no obstacle in the inside of a horn, it is changed into a squar form from a round shape in a very natural form, and a very smooth frequency characteristic is acquired. A horn type speaker unit is not an overstatement although the characteristic is determined by the horn. Sound quality and the performance are evaluated highly as a compilation of our woodwork technology SS-500.

- The system which carried out rear opening enclosure

YS-500 is adopted is adopted rear and bottom opening enclosure which succeeds the plane buffle's sound merit. Although an encapsulated type and a buss reflex type tend to secure the level of a low frequency region, on the other hand, the sound which a response does not have may come out. At our company, the speaker system of the plane buffle system was manufactured for some time paying attention to the merit of the sound of a plane buffle. Sound is full of a feeling of vitality, and a fast sound of a response of a plane buffle system is the feature. However, it has been a weak point that it is difficult for a plane buffle to secure a setting position since size becomes large. In this speaker, employing the merit of the plane buffle efficiently, it thought that a box form was used and it could be used in comparatively small installation size, and was considered as rear opening enclosure. YS-500 is designed acquire the characteristic equivalent to the size of 1m x 1m of a plane buffle in size called the wise of 460mm, and the depth of 560mm. Therefore, the clear sound which has a feeling of a lively motion with a frequency characteristic moderate as a speaker system has been the feature. The pure material of Asada cherry wood was extensively adopted for the laminated wood of the cherry wood material which has established reputation in the quality of the material of enclosure by the good thing of sound quality as adoption and also an object for corner reinforcement, and the beautiful sound of sound is realized. The tone reproduced from a speaker changes a lot according to the quality of the material of the enclosure of a speaker. Cherry wood material has the merit of the sound used also for a musical instrument, and the beautiful sound which sounds the heart is obtained.

- Adopt the network of the 6dB/oct system excellent in phase characteristic.

The 6dB/oct system which was excellent in the phase characteristic is adopted as the network of this speaker. This is because relation of natural units can be obtained, and is because the phase characteristic is also excellent. The network circuit is taking care so that the part which lessened part mark as much as possible, and was excellent in the performance may be selected and the quality may be pulled out to the maximum extent. It has succeeded in constituting a network circuit from only three parts also including the attenuator section for level adjustments. The capper foil coil which uses the cut core of 100W capacity for a filter coil is used for a capacitor for the polypropylene capacitor of the U.S. Dearborn Co. in the case made from an ebony, enclosing. Furthermore, the large-sized terminal by pure copper cutting is adopted as a speaker terminal, and the measure against sound quality is thoroughgoing.

- In addition to this

The angle of brass for strengthening was adopted as the magnetic circuit on the back at the woofer unit of this speaker. This is for reducing the influence of the reaction of the drive section of a woofer unit, and is playing a role in the improvement in sound quality of a low frequency region. The leg made from an African ebony which was excellent in sound quality is adopted as the leg of this machine. Enclosure was raised about 25mm with this foot, and has obtained a spread of a natural sound by circulation of the air from a bottom. Moreover, since the punching net made from aluminum does not have absorption of sound like a general jersy net, its influence which it has on sound quality has decreased. Since there is diffused reflection of a slight sound if it is used, except when there is a small child, we recommend you to be removed and used.

SS-500 wood horn

YS-500 Specifications

Form: Rear opening 38cm 2way speaker system

Speaker unit used: 38cm wooher unit, 1-inch Sloat driver

unit and SS-500 wood horn

The quality of the material of enclosure: 21mm of Asada

cherry wood laminated wood thick, and urethane paint

Output sencitivity: 98 dB/W/1m

Recommendation power amplifier output: More than 1W

(in the case of use a tube amplifier)

Crossover frequency: 1200Hz

Impedance: 8 ohms

Frequency characteristic: 35Hz - 18,000Hz

Outside dimension: 460(W) x996(H) x560 (D)

Weight: 38kg

Price: 650,000 yen (1 pc.)

Alminum punching net is attached.

Since it is heavy and large, this Speaker needs a cost

price for transportation separately.

Please understand the situation.

YS-500 rear side

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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