Shell lead terminal YRT-012,400yen/ Shell lead YR-013,30yen

 We are launching YC-2 of the MC cartridge at the same time as the shell lead and also shell lead terminal of this product in our company. There is the opportunity that does various shell lead etc. the test listenning with the development process of the YC-02 in our company and felt realistically that the shell lead and also the connector are influencing the sound largely. The kinds of those wire material and terminal is limited recent because the amount of production is limited unlike the golden age of the analogue and that the readily good thing is difficult to get is a present condition. Especially the connector terminal is meager and bend the board of the brass and to the lead wire or have attached in all and be not possible satisfactory even point etc. of the strength and contact resistor. Exchange those wires to the strength insufficient and the terminal part was not attached well. We did to that manufactures the connector terminal that is manufacturing many vacuum tube sockets from before in our company and apply those product development technology and put the shaving to the spring production from the circle stick of excellent neighbour bronze. The shell lead terminal the arm side the diameter 1.0 mm and cartridge side 1.2 mm are very be small, this product YRT-01 was precise although the production was fairly difficult and completed as the high product of the reliability. Because one is handy as short as possible with as for the terminal, the length is as 6.5 mm. The finish performed the gold plating of the pole thick of 1.0 microns in the top where is tone quality esteem and performed the foundation of the unmagnetism. The attachment department of the lead wire of the terminal made the possibility structure that connect certainly as the soldering exclusive use. The wire diameter that is able to use it is enabling the use to the thing of the thick yarn called 0.8mm dia. Please use the wire material of the liking. Yet the precise work is necessary because the terminal is very small. We promote one without the self-confidence to the technology to be used shell lead YR-01 of simultaneous launching.

We are adopting the Teflon covering silver plating copper wire of the thick yarn to the wire material of YR-01 of the shell lead. This Teflon wire is manufactured on the basis of the MIL spec., with the wire that our company is using for amplifier etc. and excel in the durability and even the electricity insulation nature is the highest wire material. The thickness of this wire material is using a thick thing in the condition as short as possible in our company. As for the thickness of the lead wire AWG (American wire gauge) 22 called thickness with, as for the cross-section area, there are 0.38 square. Those wires are cheap attaching and are cheap doing forming from the beginning, because they are fairly thick hard. It becomes the meager sound that the energy impression lacked, in the case that a meager thing is used for the shell lead wire. The thickness of the wire material of YR-01 takes the trouble of drawing the energy impression that use of cartridge has to the maximum.

About the method of the soldering of shell lead terminal YRT-01

Because shell lead terminal YRT-01 is very small skill is necessary to the soldering. We explain the method that our company promotes. So that prepares the radio cutting pliers first of all and wind the rubber band in the grip department and the top of the radio cutting pliers close doing we put it on the table.

And, the slit of the terminal of YRT-01 puts one in there toward the top without being included. Peeling the covering of the wire material that is used there only about 3 mm it inserts it there. And it does the soldering to the boundary line part of the terminal and wire material. The covering the covering may melt if case such as the vinyl does not make it well. As for the quantity of the solder, please make as little as possible. Also as for the length of the wire material the overall length to about 2 cm to 1.5 cm are promoting it because a short one is handy. As for solder ilon that is used the type may be good small of 20 to 30W classes.

Please bend it as do the work in all of both ends and be handy the wire material, after that. Please be careful so that the power does not join in the time, terminal department. As for way of bending of an actual lead wire, please consult YR-01 of our company.

YR-01 spec.

4 color sets of terminals the kind : the shell lead the length about 1.5 cm

Kind of wire material : the material of Teflon covering silver plating copper wire AWG22 (about 0.38 square)

the terminal : gold plating 1μ with the neighbour bronze/unmagnetism foundation

Price : 3,300 yen

YRT-01 spec.

Kind : the shell lead terminal/1.0 mm 4 pieces, 4 pieces 1.2 mm

the material of the terminal : gold plating 1μ with the neighbour bronze/unmagnetism foundation

Price: 2,400 yen

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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