Straight type wood horn SS-300 / SS-500

2 inch Sloat wood horn SS-300 380,000 yen ( 1 pc. with Sloat adapter made from a bronze)

1 inch Sloat wood horn SS-500 125,000 yen ( 1 pc. with Sloat adapter made from a bronze)



- The straight type horn which spreads most automatically

There is a various-shaped product in a horn.

There are various forms, such as a circular straight horn, a square-shaped radial horn, a sectral horn that has a partition in an opening, and a diffraction horn which has a partition in the central part, and it has a merit and a demerit in each.

Although we had manufactured F350-2, F310A, F280A, etc. as a development type product of a diffraction horn which had a partition in the inside from the former, when asking for improvement in the sound quality beyond it, I thought that it was necessary to make its form and structure simple infinite.

It is a circular straight horn that it is the simplest of a horn.

It can be said that the sound is the most straight and there is much amount of information.

The form is the cause and concentrates the directional characteristics of a circular horn on inside compass and an upper register central portion.

And the frequency characteristic has a fault which surges greatly.

We repeated the trial production experiment aiming at the horn which combines the strong point of a square-shaped horn, and the gentleness of a circular horn.

As a result, the conclusion that the form which extends and goes to a square shape from a round shape was the best was reached, not carrying out rapid change and carrying out form change gradually from near Sloat of a horn.

In the conventional square-shaped horn, each corner of the opening of a horn had an angle of 90 degrees.

In a square-shaped corner part and central part, in order that a difference might come out considerably, by SS-300 and SS-500, the character of the spread of the sound wave of a horn gave roundness to the corner part, and it devised it so that diffusion of a sound wave might become smooth more.

As a result, SS-300 and SS-500 were able to be finished as a new horn having a spread and acoustic field of a square-shaped radial horn, and the ease of using, leaving the merit of a circular straight horn.

- Adopt the good Asada cherry tree laminated wood of sound of sound as the quality of the material!

In our company, about twenty years ago, it already tried listening various wood for a horn or enclosures, and the Asada cherry tree was selected as a material of the best sound in it.

An Asada cherry tree grows wild mainly in Hokkaido, and its specific gravity is about 0.73 and the material which it became, and was heavy, intensity and elasticity were high, and it was fine, and exceeded also especially in beautiful domestic timber.

In SS-300 and SS-500, the Asada cherry tree was used very much as the laminated wood of thickness, and is adopted.

The block of the laminated wood whose SS-300 is 140mm is being used for the material to be used.

SS-500 is the block of 100mm very thick laminated wood.

It is begun with NC processing machine in the company to delete it in the shape of three-dimensional curved surface, and is made the horn.

Although it is the material which laminated wood laminated the single plate of wood and was made into the form of the letter of a block, since the character of the quality of the material of wood itself remains as it is, sound is good, but in the lengthwise direction and transverse direction of grain, there is character in which sound quality changes with the usage.

It is used in both SS-300 and SS-500, turning grain to a lengthwise direction (direction turned to back from the front of the horn).

The direction of the grain of a lengthwise direction has a quick transfer speed of sound, and the speedy sound quality which may be clear is obtained.

- A spread of a horn is a hyparbolick.

The constant of the hyparbolick curve was adopted as SS-300 and a SS-500 phon spread coefficient, and frequency characteristic sufficient to the low frequency near cutoff is secured.

In the horn which adopted the conventional exponential curve, since a frequency characteristic became a bearish tendency near cutoff frequency, crossover frequency has been used only above frequency more than twice the frequency of cutoff, but the crossing in lower frequency was enabled.

As for crossover frequency, SS-300 made crossover frequency of 500Hz possible to the cutoff frequency of 300Hz.

Moreover, SS-500 makes possible crossover frequency in the frequency of a low eye of 800Hz to the cutoff frequency of 500Hz.

The side and the Sloat adapter portion of SS-300

The Sloat adapter made from a bronze is adopted.

The Sloat adapter made from a bronze is adopted,

The attachment screw of both the types of an Altec and JBL is supported.

- The ultimate style of 2 piece structures which it begins to delete from a hard and precise Asada cherry tree laminated wood block

Intensity has adopted the up-and-down halving structure where sound also exceeds highly, SS-300 phon.

Our company constitutes this material beginning to delete from the Asada cherry tree laminated wood block judged that sound is the best as a result of much trial productions.

The very thick tabular material of 140mm in thickness begins to be precisely deleted from laminated wood by NC router processing machine.

Of course, a horizontal direction and our company where the processing is quite difficult, an inside must be deleted in the form of a three-dimensional curved surface, and processing is difficult and makes precision processing elated since the horn of our company has adopted the view that the up-and-down direction must be a quadratic curve did difficulties.

It was able to produce commercially at last in the end of various approaches with the same processing method as metallic mold processing used for steel processing.

The structure which consisted of up-and-down halving was easy to assemble, became a style in which structure beauty is impressed, and was able to obtain the big result also in respect of quality stability of a product.

- The directivity of a horn is 30 virticallies horizontally 70 degrees.

The directional characteristics of SS-300 and SS-500 are 30 virticallies horizontally 70 degrees.

This is because this horn is the form and the design instead of the type which controlled directivity compulsorily which spread very automatically, it is not saying since that spread angle's being narrow, and saying that a feeling of an acoustic field does not come out, and a spread is a natural impression rather.

However, since it is limited as listening area, please use it in a position near on a center axis if possible.

From on an axis, within the limits of about 5 to 10 degrees, since it hardly changes, you can use a frequency characteristic in comfort.

- The bronze casting Sloat adapter of an establishment meter

In our company, the Sloat adapter does not consider existence of only the purpose of connecting a horn with a driver unit, from the conventional products.

In order to take the biggest possible intensity from the view of being an important component supporting the driver unit which has a diaphragm, specific gravity is also as heavy as 8.5 with a copper system alloy, and sound has also adopted the casting article of a beautiful bronze.

Since specific gravity is very as heavy as about 3 times of aluminum and strong, there is weight of about 3kg by the object for SS-300 only in the Sloat adapter part, and there are also 1.5kg of objects for SS-500.

In this machine, it is considered as the structure of attaching the stand at the time of arranging a horn to the product Sloat adapter part made from a bronze, and a setting base is allotted to both the side portion of a horn at the time of use, and I am designing so that it may function as three-point support.

When a horn is used on enclosure, having placed it and a horn is placed directly, vibration of the enclosure for low frequency will be received directly.

However, the contact surface was limited to three points, vibration was controlled by centralizing the weight of a driver and a horn on the point, and it succeeded in decreasing disorder and interference of an inside low frequency region sharply.

Of course, the ease of an arrangement cannot be overlooked, either.

Although installing horizontally was difficult for the horn conventionally, the horn of our company is very easy and is useful for the improvement in sound quality.

- Structure in which the inclusion to enclosure is possible

Both SS-300 and SS-500 are taken as the structure in which the inclusion to enclosure is possible.

Although the product of the form still included in enclosure does not have us now, there is a merit which can carry out vibration removal of the horn by including in enclosure.

SS-300 can incorporate an embedding nut and the inclusion to enclosure is easy.

(An embedding nut is an option. Please ask to our company for details. )

In the case of SS-500, it is also incorporable, if a prepared hole is made in a mounting flange part and it attaches with a wood screw etc.

When including a horn in enclosure, phase relations are taken into consideration and I recommend you to take care about a horn order position and to be designed.

SS-300 specification

- Form : special straight horn

- Cutoff frequency of a horn : 300Hz

- Recommendation crossover : 500Hz

- Directivity renge : holizontal 70 degrees, virtical 30 degrees

- The diameter of Sloat : 4.9cm (2 inches of JBL/TAD types)

- Conformity unit : TAD4001, JBL2441, 2450 grades

- The quality of the material of a horn : Asada cherry tree laminated wood

- Outside dimension : 620(W) x280(H) x430 (D)

- Weight : 18kg

- The quality of the material of the Sloat part : a bronze casting and black galvanization

- Price : 380,000 yen (1 bronze Sloat and three-point support setting base attachment)

SS-500 specification

- Form : special straight horn

- Cutoff frequency of a horn : 500Hz

- Recommendation crossover : 800Hz

- directivity renge : holizontal 70 degrees, virtical 30 degrees

- The diameter of Sloat : 2.54cm (1 inch)

- Conformity unit : TAB2001, JBL2425, a 1 inch of ALTEC(s) Sloat driver unit

- The quality of the material of a horn : Asada cherry tree laminated wood

- Outside dimension : 316(W) x200(H) x260 (D)

- Weight : 5.4kg

- The quality of the material of the Sloat part : a bronze casting and black galvanization

- Price : 125,000 yen (1, bronze Sloat and three-point support setting base attachment)

The design, specification, specification, etc. of SS-300 and SS-500 may be changed without a preliminary announcement for improvement.

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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