Audio rack OS series OSW series

The photograph left: OS-92, the photograph right: OS-52

Although our company is manufacturing various products it is best the field of the woodworking processing. We are having the equipment such as the NC processing machine to the own company unusually for a recent maker. We developed about product that pours many technology and know-how that utilize the equipment recently, and have fostered and have cross to the remainder in 20 years and drew the goodness of the sound of the cherry tree material to the limit.

Each product of the audio rack OS series OSW series are, the highly efficient rack of a pure domestic production material/oar interior production that adopted the undirt material of an excellent Asada cherry tree to the strength to the prop to the shelf board firmly by using the cherry tree plywood. Although the assembling buries to the shelf board and be crowded and use 8 screw to every 1 step from the prop side and assemble the demon eye nut the load is as the structure that we receive with the ditch part of the prop without receiving with the screw. Therefore the resistance load able to take largely and have be doing the clear the margin to every 1 step and 60 kg. The height of the shelf board is able to change it easily in the interval 50 mm each and free layout is possible. Also, even the wiring work is cheap doing. As the spike or caster are attach possible to the lower part of the prop the screw has been cut. The height of (the individually option part) the rack prepared 5 kinds of 32 cm, 52 cm, 77 cm, 92 cm, 122 cm. Standard size of component 1 unit for width prepared 2 kinds of the width 1090 mm, the OSW series the wide type that width and, 2 units are able to establish and are able to arrange 560 mm. As it is convenient to change etc. of the addition and the height of a future shelf board each department material is being prepared with the selling each. The color of the finish changes the finish of the prop and shelf board particularly and be giving the change. You see an actual product by all means and please confirm the touch of a material.

Although the appearance is compact make as for the OS series the width 500 mm, the OSW series the width 1020 mm, with as for the profundity, there are the establishment space of 450 mm. As for the external form measure the OS series 560 (W) x450 (D), OSW series 1090 (W) x450 (D) with as for the height, there are 5 kinds of 32 cm, 52 cm, 77 cm, 92 cm, 122 cm. In the case that the rack is moved we promote the concomitant use of the selling each spike (OS-SPK) in the selling each caster (OS-CAS), the room of the carpet of the rather thick.

OS-32, OS-77, OS-122 from the top of the photograph

● OS-32 (the shelf board 2 sheets/the height 32 cm the type) 12.6 kg 61,000yen

● OS-52 (the shelf board 3 sheets/the height 52 cm the type) 19.6 kg 80,000yen

● OS-77 (the shelf board 3 sheets/the height 77 cm the type) 20.8 kg 95,000yen

● OS-92 (the shelf board 4 sheets/the height 92 cm the type) 26.8 kg 124,000yen

● OS-122 (the shelf board 4 sheets/the height 122 cm the type) 29.6 kg 140,000yen

● OSW-32 (the shelf board 2 sheets/the height 32 cm the type) 22.4 kg 90,000yen

● OSW-52 (the shelf board 3 sheets/the height 52 cm the type) 34.3 kg 132,000yen

● OSW-77 (the shelf board 3 sheets/the height 77 cm the type) 35.5 kg 140,000yen

● OSW-92 (the shelf board 4 sheets/the height 92 cm the type) 46.4 kg 182,000yen

● OSW-122 (the shelf board 4 sheets/the height 122 cm the type) 49.2 kg 192,000yen

● OSB-M (a selling each standard size shelf board 1 sheet) 4.9 kg 22,500yen

● OSB-W (a selling each wide size shelf board 1 sheet) 9.6 kg 42,500yen

● OSL-32 (the prop/the height 32 cm the type 1 pc) 5,000yen

● OSL-52 (the prop/the height 52 cm the type 1 pc) 6,250yen

● OSL-77 (the prop/the height 77 cm the type 1 pc) 8,200yen

● OSL-92 (the prop/the height 92 cm the type 1 pc) 10,000yen

● OSL-122 (the prop/the height 122 cm the type 1 pc) 12,500yen

● OS-CAS 14,500yen We combine 4 pieces (the selling each caster) 50 kg/1 pieces resistance load

● OS-SPK 8,000yen combine 4 pieces

from the top of the photograph:OSW-32, OSW-52, OSW-77, OSW-92, OSW-122

●Assembling method of OS, OSW series audio rack

1. Take out all the department material of OS, OSW series racks first of all and we expand so as not to be attached in the top such as the carpet and Japanese cushion of damage.

Next, the prop we take out 1 pc and, shelf board 1 sheet. As for the prop the one who hole is opening to the edge face is the touching ground. As for the shelf board the one who the are of the front department has been taken largely becomes an under face. We are going to stop the bolt with the hexagon wrench of the belonging to the shelf board from the prop as it is left it the photograph. Although 8 bolts use it about 1 sheet the beginning stops to loosen without tightening strongly and please do so that it tightens it strongly after all the department material finishes assembling it.

2. The 2nd sheet subsequent to shelf board adjusts the interval in accordance with the use situation of oneself and stop the specified number of sheets and please say. It becomes easy to assemble the remaining prop because the shelf board stops falling, if we finish attaching the shelf board of the specified number of sheets about 1 prop. We are gradually going to assemble the remaining prop like the photograph right. And, if all the shelf boards and prop are assembled each screw strongly tighten whether the whole is not unstable confirm please. The whole rack rose the set firmly with this.

Please screw in them to the hole of the edge face of the prop in the case that the spike and caster of the selling each are used. When the caster pushes the button of the surface the stopper operates and the tire department is fixed.

3. With this the rack rose the set. While paying attention it causes the rack and please use.

We promote that we ask to assemble on the side of 2 or more people because the rack of OS-92, OS-122, and OSW series is heavy.



その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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