Shield Ring new launching for the MT-9P socket . price: 6,000 yen!(1set, )
Announcement of the form change and foundation attachment measure of the MT-9P socket made of the Teflon

We launch the shield ring for the vacuum tube of the MT-9P type recently, in our company. As general shield case shield ring uses it in order to shield the miniature vacuum tube the static electricity similarly. However, it is the biggest characteristic that the vibration control effect is given to the vacuum tube by doing the screw stopping in the socket attachment department of Shashih with the stand, without supporting the vacuum tube directly, to differ largely from a general shield case. The usual shield case is the structure that bends the board such as thin brass in the pipe state and hold down the vacuum tube with the spring from the cover. It is not able to say that the vibration of Shashih has a tendency to become easy to spread more and be good for the tone quality to hold down the vacuum tube directly. Also material itself of the shield case is produced from a thin board and be cheap vibrating.
We developed the product that starts to shave the brass and processed in the ring state as even the vibration control of the vacuum tube is possible while giving the shield effect in our company. The attachment is adopting the method that fixes the stand previously by utilizing the attachment screw of the socket and the shield ring is fixed with 2 bolts from the top as it is real the copy. Exchanging it after we remove this ring in the case that we exchange the vacuum tube it assumed to attach the shield ring. It is finished with beautiful gold plating after this ring is made with the cutting processing from the circle stick of the brass and did a nickel-plated foundation. Even the effect of the magnetism shield is able to expect because it is performed even the nickel-plating although the thickness is 4μ degree. Because the radiation measure of the vacuum tube raises 5 mm with the stand and fix there is not a problem. This shield ring there is 120 g 1 piece of weight and take the trouble of doing the work that reinforces the socket attachment face of Shashih firmly because it is prepared very healthily. The stopping screw and 2 stand, 2 socket stopping screw that performed 2 books of gold plating in this shield ring are belonging. This shield ring matches to the vacuum tube of ECC83 (12AX7), ECC82, ECC81, ECC88, EF86 etc. that are used well.
Please confirm the effect of this shield ring by all means.

Standard of the shield ring for MT-9P
● Matching vacuum tube: ECC83, ECC82, ECC81, ECC88, EF86 etc.
●Material of the ● main body: the brass/nickel under metal plating
● Measure: the external form measure: 32.7 mm the φ×height: 41 mm, the inside diameter: 24.5 mm φ
● Standard accessories: the brass gold plating screw M3×40mm2 book, M3×5mm6 corner stand 2 pieces, M3×7 mm the Bind head screw: 2 books
● Weight: 120 g

The MT-9P socket made of the Teflon in the launching, it is handier we did the form change as the concomitant use with the shield ring is easy since before in accordance with the launching of the shield ring, The form passes real the copy on the right and the form was changed as it is attached to the attachment hole of 19 mm even from under even from the top with.
Also please consult because we are publishing the measure figure in the lower right. The vacuum tube socket of our company is possible to use for the print circuit as it is because most are adopting the pin type of the circle. Attaching it to the print circuit as it is if we ask to design the pattern with the measure, because the axis of coordinates measure of the pin are entered in figure the measure it is able to use it. Furthermore, as for price etc. of the socket, there is not a change.

Standard of the socket for MT-9P made of new-style Teflon
● Matching vacuum tube: ECC83, ECC82, ECC81, ECC88, EF86 etc.
●It is the material of a main body: Teflon (PTFE) shaving
●Material of the pin: the neighbour bronze, unmagnetism under metal plating
● External form measure: 18.3 (W) 36.6 (L) 24 (H) the mm
● Attachment screw interval: 28.6 mm
● Shashih attachment hole measure: 19 mm φ
● Price: 7,800 yen

The wiring work by the hand wiring promotes the use of the line of the AWG22 following because the terminal interval is narrow.

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Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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