Full scale 100mA ammeter/axial style high voltage electorolytic capacitor launching  

Production was ended.

We contact because we beon to sell the high voltage chemical capacitor made of Netherlands BC components company and ammeter MI-100 full scale 100mA as the new product recently, in our company.

MI-100 is the ammeter of the full scale 100mA and be the product of the addition launching of the MI series ammeter in launching in our company. We were launching 3 kinds of ammeters of 50mA, 150mA, 300mA with a full scale until the present in our company. 45'' to monitor the current of the vacuum tube amplifier and' the dissatisfaction remains to the how to swing of the meter to 2A3' the vacuum tube a little bit even 150mA even with full scale 50mA. The request to the ammeters of those intermediate current value were brought a lot. That responds to those request and manufactured is a MI-100 ammeter. The inside impedance of the meter simple substance is 1.6k Ω and be coming to display 100mA of a full scale with the input of 1mA.

The use method inserts the resistor of 100 times of the cathode resistor for the series like the following figure and use. It matches to 45,2A3,6B4G, 10, VT52, VT-62, PX-4, AD1 etc. as the vacuum tube.

 Also the axial style high voltage electorolytic capacitor of the simultaneous launching is the latest product that was manufactured from 2004 years through 2005 with the BC components company production of the Netherlands. This is the product of final production probably in the type of the electorolytic capacitor that the lead wire is drawn from both ends of the element the axial style. Although even the one who knows thinks that be many as for a recent general electricity product most are changed to the radial style capacitor, because it is hateful corresponding to those machines when it is not a radial style capacitor, to manufacture the circuit bord with the motive. We start Japan, although the axial type has been used because the radial style capacitor is to the vacuum tube amplifier for the audio use and most of the makers have already stopped the axial style production. The BC components company of the Netherlands that was manufacturing the chemical capacitor of the axial style high voltage type until the present with the middle obtain the information called the plan that stops and manufactures an axial style chemical capacitor recently and able to secure, order the product of the final lot in our company. It is handy with a small size comparatively, although the capacity resisting pressure is only 500VDC 47u F. We did to that we sell to a general user, merchant, because it was able to secure the quantity that was settled a little. It is thought whether or not this is not the final product probably as the axial style high voltage electorolytic capacitor. We promote the security of this capacitor by all means as the department material for the product of the hand made amplifier or maker of one of the mania. Please acknowledge this product because we ask to finish the sales as soon as the stock is gone.

MI-100 ammeter 1 piece \10,500

100mA display inside resistor: the 1.6k Ω

external form measure: 40 (W) x40 (H) x38 (D) with the 1mA input

Attachment hole: 38 mm the φ

screw interval: 32mmx4

Axial chemical capacitor 500VDC 47μ F 1 piece \800

Netherlands BC components company in 2004-2005 the production

external form measure 21φ x37 mm

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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