Audio board

Plate type magnet floating base MGB-45 / MGB-60

MGB-45 : 54,000yen

MGB-60: 94,000yen

MGB-45 and MGB-60 are the vibration control plate bases which applied the principle of MGB-1 of our company, and a MGB-2 magnet floating base to the audio board as it was. The use can acquire the big vibration control effect with many products, such as amplifier, CD player, and an analog player. MGB-45 and MGB-60 are the audio boards which have arranged the Neodium magnet in the four lower parts of the beautiful Asada Cherry wood laminate lumber of sound, and carried out floating of the board itself by the repulsion of magnetism combining the base portion of firm African Black Wood material. With a magnet equivalent to MGB-2, floating of MGB-45 is carried out and it corresponds to comparatively light products (1kg - 9kg). A preamplifier, a DA converter, CD player, etc. are mainly objects. On the other hand, with a magnet equivalent to MGB-1, floating of MGB-60 is carried out and it corresponds to a comparatively heavy product (5kg - 30kg). Power amplifier, a large-sized CD player, an analog player, etc. can mainly be used. The magnet floating base of our company carries out floating of the audiovisual apparatus by non-contact mostly, and is kept from being transmitted in the vibration from a floor compared with a common audio board being the work which attenuates vibration. Therefore, reproduction sound hardly receives the influence of vibration from a floor, but a clear and natural sound is obtained. The material of a board is using the Asada Cherry wood material judged that sound is the most beautiful, as a result of testing many wood samples at our company. Unnatural sound like a synthetic material is not carried out for natural wood, but a beautiful reverberation is obtained. In MGB-45, 25mm thickness and MGB-60 give 32mm thickness and sufficient thickness, and it is firm, the board itself does not shake easily, and they have become. If pinpoint bases, such as PB-4-2 of our company, are used together between amplifier and a board when using it when installing amplifier etc. in a board, there is an effect of the improvement in sound quality. Please keep in mind that it is influenced and may be hard to come by the weight and the tension of a cable out of the floating effect when the heavy and hard cable is used for apparatus, such as amplifier. When you put Audie apparatus on a board, please install calmly perpendicularly. Please keep in mind that it may damage a base portion floating portion if power is added in the direction of slant.

MGB-45 and MGB-60 Specifications

- Conformity product : please use MGB-45 and MGB-60 properly with the weight of use apparatus, such as amplifier, a digital recorder, CD player, a DA converter, and an analog player.
- Use material : Asada Cherry wood laminate lumber, an African Black Wood
- Outside dimension : MGB-45 : Thickness of 450(W) x430(D) x52 (H) board: 25mm
MGB-60 : Thickness of 600(W) x480(D) x54 (H) board: 32mm
- Withstand load : MGB-45:1-9kg, MGB-60:5-30kg
- Weight : MGB-45 : 4.3kg, MGB-60 : 7.5kg
- Finish and it is :upgraded furniture tone urethane paint finish.
- Price : MGB-45 : 54,000 yen MGB-60 : 94,000 yen