Guidance of a new product

 Magnet floating base MGB-1

4 pieces set 47,500yen, 3 pieces set 37,000yen, One piece 12,500yen (simple packaging)

  New product MGB-1 is the arrangement base which is not in the former, on which it is unique and the vibration control effect is high and which intercepted vibration using the magnet. MGB-1 used rebounding of the magnet and it has adopted the epoch-making composition of carrying out floating of the use apparatus. Magnets adopts the highest Neozium magnet of holding power, and is designing it use it also for quite heavy apparatus. There are the N pole and the S pole in a magnet, and it draws near mutually between, and there is character to oppose, between these poles. MGB-1 is designed carry out floating of the apparatus which put on the top using the repulsion. If it is made to come floating with a magnet, the apparatus which put on the top will hardly receive the vibration from a floor, but its influence of vibration from a speaker will decrease extremely. Therefore, if sound becomes clear and uses it for an analog player etc., the effect that a howling margin improves will be demonstrated. In the case of MGB-1, since the ceramic spacer of three-point support is further combined with the field of the upper and lower sides of this base, point support of the apparatus installed upwards is carried out, and a still clearer reproduction sound is obtained. The main part part of MGB-1 is using African blackwood material with the high vibration control effect and high evaluation by the beauty of sound. This material is very as heavy as specific gravity 1.4, and since it is used also for oboe or a clarinet, it is acknowledged that sound is also good. In addition, for finish of the portion of wood, it is finishing up using the eco-paint which does not have almost influence in a human body. Usually, when there is nothing that nothing supports when rebounding of a magnet is used, an upper magnet will fly away by rebounding. At our company, in order to prevent it, the up-and-down magnet was fixed to African blackwood material, and it is combined with the thinner bolt.It is fixed only to the base of one side and a bolt lets a PTFE tube pass between another bases, and it is set so that another base can be moved lightly. Since the surface of PTFE is very smooth and it is easy to slide on it before as used as a slide agent of a cassette tape, an up-and-down base hardly receives frictional resistance, but it can be moved.

In the case of MGB-1, from about 2kg per base to 10kg can use the weight of the apparatus which can be set on a base. In three-piece use, the product from 6kg to 30kg can be supported. Four cases can respond to the product from 8kg to 40kg. However, on the character of this base, if big weight is applied, the height of a base will become low, and since it becomes high when it is small weight, when more than one are used, please equalize weight concerning each base. In the case of vacuum tube amplifier etc., since the weight of a transformer portion is heavy, please adjust an installation position in consideration of it. When use apparatus is a product of 40kg or more, if five or more numbers are used, the weight concerning each base is distributed and it can be used also for a quite heavy product. The setting position of MGB-1 should choose the place where the floor became brave as firmly as possible. In a floor, in the case of a carpet, a tatami, etc., a base may become unstable. In such a case, if you use together the product plate made from cherry tree laminate lumber-like base of B-45 of our company, and B-60 grade etc., there are increase of stability and an effect. The product which can use MGB-1 is used for the product of audiovisual apparatus at large most, and can check the effect. A big effect is especially expectable in an analog player, CD player, a vacuum tube preamplifier, and vacuum tube power amplifier.

However, please be careful of combination with the product which is easy to be influenced by magnetic when using it on the relation for which this product is using the magnet. For example, please keep in mind that it can consider the influence by magnetism in the steo-up transformer for MC cartridges, and the picture of a cassette tape cathode-ray tube conventional television.

MGB-1 Standard

Outside dimension: 59mm in diameter, and height:58.8mm -47mm

Quality of the material: An African blackwood, Neozium magnets, ceramic spacers

Withstand load: 2kg - 10kg per piece

Weight: 210g (one piece)

Price: 4 pieces set 47,500yen, 3 pieces, set 37,000yen, 1 piece yen12,500 (simple packaging).

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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