All Titanium Head shell HS-6, HS-6S New Releace

HS-6 All Titanium Head Shell 32,000yen
HS-6S All Titanium Head Shell with 6N Cupper Read wier 36,500yen


 As for HS-6 and HS-6S, popularity is the obtained head shell of the new model which quality-rise-made head shell HS-5 / HS-5S made from titanium, and easier to use.
 HS-6 and HS-6S is the new style head shell which adopted high intensity, a comparatively lightweight metal, and titanium material as the whole head shell.
 It can be called the material the quality of the material is the high purity titanium material of the appearance of astringent gray, is light, high intensity and most promising as a head shell material in the material of a metal system.
Specific gravity of titanium is abbreviation halves, such as 4.5 and Bronze, and such since that it is comparable also to steel / that it is hard intensity is strong, it is used for various tools etc. these days.
Moreover, there is no magnetism and the cartridge which uses a magnet is not affected, either.
Appearance like also rusting since it is hard to produce, I maintain appearance having plating and no paint and original.
It can be said that the merit of the sound quality side, such as being used for honed Driiber's diaphragm etc. also in the direction of sound, of course, is large.
 Titanium is famous as a difficult material of processing, and our company begins the adoption to head shell, and it seems to be.
In HS-6 and HS-6S, I adopted titanium not only as a shell main part but as a fingerplate part and a connector part.
Especially the connector part used the PTFE which was most excellent in insulation in titanium at the insulation material of adoption and an inside for the metal sleeve of a perimeter part, and the lock pin, and has adopted as a pin the terminal pin which it began to delete from pure copper.
 The pin performed nonmagnetic ground processing and has adopted thick gold plating finish.
Moreover, four kinds of the attachment screw on sale as a simple substance made from titanium, 6mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, and 15 mm are attached to HS-6 and HS-6S.
 Including an attachment screw, by unifying a metal material into titanium, you raise attachment intensity to a limit and can enjoy a forcible sound which was rich in speediness.
In HS-6 and HS-6S, in order to make weight light as much as possible, it devised finishing a shell main part thinly partially etc., and the prudence containing a lead was pressed down to 14.2g. (The result weight of HS-5 and HS-5S is 18.4g.) The tone arm for lightweight could also be equipped if it is this.
 Lightweight head shell is light and a quick sound of a reaction is the feature.
Please carry out sound unprecedented light and forcible skilled.
 A shell lead and HS-6S with standard HS-6 are the types which soldered 6N copper wire to the connector part directly.
Although HS-6S cannot perform exchange of a shell lead, there is a sound quality merit by one passing point of contact decreasing, and the freshness of sound improves greatly.

HS-6 and HS-6S Specifications

material: -- body: -- pure titanium
Finger-hook part: Pure titanium
connector part sleeve stopper pin: -- pure titanium connector part terminal pin: -- charge of pure copper and nonmagnetic gilding pin adoption connector part insulation material: -- PTFE
Outside dimension: 18 (W) 50 (L) 16 (H) Except for an attachment part
Prudence: HS-6 : 14.2g (an attachment screw is not included)
HS-6S : 14.2g (an attachment screw is not included)
Accessories: HS-6 : Normalized form shell lead attachment
HS-6S: Teflon insulation, thick shell lead attachment of copper wire,
Accessories: It is both an attachment screw made from titanium. Four-kind attachment of 6mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, and 15 mm
Price: HS-6 : 32,000 yen
HS-6S : 36,500 yen
* Please keep in mind that HS-6S cannot exchange a shell lead.