The spacer made of a Butyl Rubber with double-stick tape GS-8 1,100yeni20pcs. setj

GS-8 is a spacer made of a Butyl Rubber of the anti vibration and skid which can be used for various uses.
In the back, the size has double-stick tape at 20mm in diameter, and 1mm in thickness.
It sticks on amplifier, a speaker, CD player, etc., and can be used for anti vibrations.
A Butyl Rubber is one of the materials with the highest absorbency of vibration in rubbers.
Therefore, it can be used for anti vibrations combining various audio products.
Of course a skid it gets damaged and can be used for prevention.
With 1mm, since thickness is thin, it is not bulky, and it can use it anywhere.
The resonance of metal goods can be prevented or a sharp resonance sound which rings in the ear can be softened.
The installation side of a speaker, the top plate of amplifier, the rear panel portion of a use part, etc. are recommendation.
I recommend so that it may be adjusted checking sound since sound will be lost if it is used too much mostly.

GS-8 Specifications

- Quality of the material : black Butyl Rubber sheet 20mm in diameter, 1mm thickness, It is with double-stick tape to the back.
- Price : 1,100yen ( 20 sheet set)