Information of price change of an Emission lab vacuum tube

We are allowed to act as an agency of a Germany and emission lab vacuum tube from eight-year before at our company.
The price of emission lab vacuum tubes is not revising in the meantime.
It becomes difficult to maintain a price conventionally in change of the exchange rate of these days.
We are allowed to change a price from February, 2022 lately as follows.
Please understand.

Emission lab vacuum tube New price list

EML300BXLS Pair ----------
EML320BXLS Pair ----------
ML2A3Mesh Pair -----------
EML2A3Slod Pair -----------
EML45Mesh Pair -----------
EML45Solid Pair ------------
EMLAD1Mesh Pair ----------
One EML274AMesh ---------
One EML274BMesh ---------
One EML5U4GMesh ---------
One EML80 ----------------
In addition, please confirm the specification, the Specifications, etc. of each vacuum tube in the homepage of an emission lab company.