Stand department material addition launching for a DKS series ultra small size speaker

Launching throughout the stand DKS series for the small size speaker the year before last in our company we have obtained the popularity. DKS-60, DKS-KIT of the DKS series are evaluated highly as the unique stand that is able to match to the speakers of various size unlike a conventional speaker stand and also be evaluated cherry tree material original clear clear sound even in the tone quality. We have come to ask to cause the sky board/prop for an ultra small size speaker launched with the addition furthermore recently, although we asked to cause the addition department material for the small size speaker launched after it enters in 2005 the present year. A highly efficient speaker system is increasing with an ultra small size by the housing situation inside recent Japan. The one who puts these speakers on the desk with the short distance and use is increasing. Doing in answer to such a voice that there is not a proper stand in case like that that designed it is the product in this time. It is as the size that prepares the 20 cm high size of when that uses and even the prop is able to put to top etc. of the desk actually. The size of the speaker that matches the width 120 mm to about 180 mm to, as for the profundity 130 mm to about 230 mm even are possible use. It may be to become the reliable existence that can draw the performance to the limit for a highly efficient speaker although it is the strength and weight of which ほ seem in all of the excess for for an ultra small speaker. The photograph of the top is the sample that uses DKS-UPDSS for the bottom board and make DKS-SP20 the prop and used.


DKS-KIT new launching department material

●Floorboard 160 (W) x210 (D) for the DKS-UPD3S DKS series: 11,000yen

● DKS series for prop height 200 mm for (a real Sun 156 mm): DKS-SP20 5,000yen

DKS-KIT launching department material spec.s, specification

●The floorboard (the length position) 300 (W)×400 (D)×32 (t) for the DKS series: DKS-UPD 13,000

●The floorboard (the side position) 400 (W)×300 (D)×32 (t) for the DKS series: DKS-UPW 13,500
●Floorboard 250 (W) x350 (D)×32 (t) for the DKS-UPDM DKS series: 10,000yen

●Floorboard 220 (W) x300 (D)×32 (t) for the DKS-UPDS DKS series: 12,000yen

●Floorboard 200 (W) x240 (D)×32 (t) for the DKS-UPDSS DKS series: 11,500yen

●The under board (the length and breadth combined use) 300×400×32 (t) for the DKS series: DKS-BTD 13,000yen

● DKS series for prop height 700 mm for (a real Sun 656 mm): DKS-SP70 13,500yen

● DKS series for prop height 600 mm for (a real Sun 556 mm): DKS-SP60 10,600yen

● DKS series for prop height 500 mm for (a real Sun 456 mm): DKS-SP50 9,800yen

● DKS series for prop height 400 mm for (a real Sun 356 mm): DKS-SP40 7,000yen

● DKS series for prop height 300 mm for (a real Sun 256 mm): DKS-SP30 6,000yen

The size of above 4 kinds of square lumber: 100 mm×100 mm .

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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