Fall preventive structure is added to DK series speaker stand.

The speaker stand of DK series of our company is evaluated highly as a stand for inside large-sized speakers, and is continuing long-term seller.

I added the special order type which adopted as the speaker stand of DK series the structure of preventing a fall in case of an earthquake etc. lately.

This type was adopted as a speaker stand installed in recording studio as business use.

The structure is an epoch-making structure of preparing an L type space-cutout in the four legs of the stand of DK series, and preventing a speaker from a horizontal gap or a fall.

Since the four legs is used the square lumber of the Asada Cherry wood material of a 100mm angle, when making the upper surface low to a four place L character type, the bottom of a speaker is enclosed and a fall is prevented.

The portion which became center low space is a speaker installation part.

The speaker installed here does not have worries about a horizontal gap, and a fall is also prevented.

Otherwise, the stand for large-sized speakers which supports a speaker firmly can seldom be seen, employing the merit of sound to cherry tree material efficiently.

Probably, the importance will be very high in Japan called earthquake power.

Since this product turns into a product of the custom-made set by the speaker of use, based on specification of a visitor, I manufacture it as special order specification.

A price becomes about 1.5 times of the stand of DK series of standard specification.

Please ask to our company after investigating the size of a speaker, and the height of a stand in detail.

* This fall preventive structure does not assume the earthquake of a huge scale.

Since correspondence to a massive earthquake which is reversed the whole speaker stand cannot be performed, please understand it.