Bolt set for cartridge attachment made from brass 1set 2,600yen

BT-2 is the bolt made from brass and the set of a nut which are used when attaching a cartridge to head shell.
An analog cartridge has many kinds, and since the sizes of the attachment part also differ 10,000 exception 1000 differences, the thing of length also with various attachment bolts is needed.
It seems that as for the screw made from aluminum generally used intensity is low and a sound quality top also has many demerits. BT-2 is the bolt made from brass and the set of a nut which can be used in such a case. All the quality of the materials are nonmagnetic ground processing 24 Gold-plating finish in the product made from brass. As for the bolt, in length, the 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20mm, and neighborhoods each seven kinds two of every of 25 and 4mm of opposite neighborhoods nut is a ten-piece set.
It is also possible to adjust the weight which includes head shell and a cartridge combining WA-1 of simultaneous sale using these longer screws. If the number of a nut and the length of a bolt are adjusted to fine tuning, it will become possible to unify the weight of a head shell part, and will become easy to use. If the weight of the sum total of a cartridge and head shell is unified, the necessity for needle pressure adjustment will be lost at the time of car ridge exchange, and it will become easy to carry out cartridge exchange. The opposite neighborhood is small with 4mm, and the nut attached to BT-2 can be used also for a part for the groove portion of a cartridge body reasonable. Since I am describing the weight of each component below, please use reference of weight adjustment. The weight:6mm bolt which is each component : 0.36g/one piece

8mm bolt: 0.41g 12mm bolt:0.53g, 15mm bolt:0.63g, 18mm:0.73g, 20mm:0.81g, 25mm:0.98g, and 4mm nut:for neighborhood0.14g/1 piece,

BT-2 Specifications
- Form: Bolt nut for cartridge attachment
- Contents of a set: M2.6 Length 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 mm [ two ] each
M2.6 Ten nuts for 4mm of neighborhoods
- Finish :brass and nonmagnetic ground processing, and 24 Gold-plating finish.
- Price: 2,600 yen (one set)

M3, large-sized washer for M3 and M2.6 screws Ten-piece set of 1,250 yen

When WA-1 attaches an analog cartridge to head shell, it is a washer made from brass which can be used the making weight increase purpose. An analog cartridge differs in the weight with a product, respectively. When it is attached to head shell, it is necessary to change the weight balance of an arm for every cartridge. In such a case, WA-1 can use it the making weight increase purpose. The quality of the material has given nonmagnetic Gold plating by the product made from brass. The outside dimension is 3.1mm in inside diameter in 11mm. As for those with 2mm, and weight, one piece of thickness is 1.47g. When two pieces are used, it becomes about 3g weight increment. If the weight for every head shell is arranged combining BT-2 of simultaneous sale, in cartridge exchange, the time and effort of needle pressure adjustment will be lost. Moreover, weight including a cartridge and head shell tends to become a forcible sound in which there was sound massively, so that it is heavy. It is also possible to change a sound quality tendency by adjustment of weight. At our company, many Teflon sockets are manufactured for the their original work groups of vacuum tube amplifier. Teflon may be attached when it attaches with a bolt nut, since the quality of the material was soft, although excelled, and as for insulation, intensity may be insufficient for it. In such a case, it will attach, if WA-1 is used as a washer, and intensity goes up, and it improves also in respect of sound quality. I recommend you to be used together by all means in use of the Teflon socket of our company.

WA-1 Specifications

- Form: M3, large-sized washer for M2.6 made from brass
- Outside dimension: 11mm in diameter, the inside diameter of 3.1mm, and the 2mm* weight in thickness : 1.47g/one piece
- quality-of-the-material - Finish and they are :brass and nonmagnetic ground 24 Gold plating.
- Price: 1,250 yen (ten-pieces set)