The wood block base for large-sized speakersBB-50

BB-50 is a wood block type speaker base for large-sized speakers.

The size is made from 95(W)95(D)50(H) from the pure material of hard and strong Asada Cherry wood.

When the main uses install a large-sized speaker, they are used under a speaker.

QB-100 base already on sale the size is 100 (W) , 100 (D), 100 (H).

Compared with it, BB-50 has height of an abbreviation half.

It is convenient when saying that he would like to raise a few without making a large-sized speaker not much high.

In addition, it is also possible to use it at the time of installation of an audio rack and amplifier.

Surface finish lowered cost as finish by a simple eco-paint.

Please try on various uses.

BB-50 Specifications

- Quality of the material : made in Hokkaido Japan Asada Cherry wood pure material

- Surface finish : light brown eco-paint finish

- outside dimension: -- 95(W) x95(D) x50(H) mm

- Weight : about 340g (one piece)

- Price : 8,500yen(four pieces set) 2,200yen (one piece)