"Baloon form 45"single stereo Power amplifier

A-08S Baloon (Baloon form 45 2 pcs. and Baloon form 80 1 piece are attached


Special edition of the "45 and 245" amplifier which improved further A-08 which obtained high evaluation
It is very high among the maniacs of the single amplifier of a vacuum tube to have obtained high evaluation since sale and to obtain a SOTA prize in U.S. Internet audio magazine 6 moons (6 Moons) etc., and A-08 which is the past of this A-08S was evaluated.
A-08S Although just the output of Baloon is small, the quality has the sound quality which is not at all inferior to highest-class 300B amplifier rather.
At our company, I am designing this amplifier obtain the highest sound quality combining a high efficiency type speaker.
in order to employ efficiently the performance and sound quality which this amplifier has right or wrong high we recommend you to employ an efficiency speaker.
Furthermore, you can enjoy a more natural and generous sound by using output tubes, such as 245,345 of an Baloon form.
Moreover, "280, 380", etc. also as a rectifier tube of an Baloon form are adopted.
The heater has structure taken in by hook, the sound of these vacuum tubes is also very natural, and they serve as a sound gentle to an ear.
- The cut core transformer of the Hi-B type which was altogether excellent in the performance was distorted by adoption and the combined use with a Teflon insulating paper to transformers, and outstanding sound with little admiration was realized in it.
The cut core transformer excellent in the regulation Hi-B type is adopted as the power transformer of this amplifier, an output transformer, and all choke coils.
Although the cut core transformer was acknowledged because the performance and sound quality are good, since the price was expensive, it was conventionally adopted only as the high-class model.
At our company, it is dared to adopt the same transformer as a high-end model kind, and the sound quality is raised.
Made-to-order 100-micron thickness Orient core material was adopted especially as the output transformer, it wound around it using the insulating paper of Teflon, and the frequency characteristic is improved.
- The resistance which are using the highest parts, such as the polypropylen film capacitor and a Teflon socket, for an adoption this amplifier for the product made by DALE with a sufficient sound to resistance at the capacitor has adopted the product made by U.S. DALE as almost all portions.
The sound quality is excellent, so that it cannot compare the resistor made from DALE with the thing of this domestic class.
Moreover, the polypropylene film capacitor which was mainly excellent in sound quality is adopted as a capacitor.
Moreover, I have adopted the large-sized terminal of the Teflon insulation of a phosphorus bronze shave out pin jack by pure copper shave out gilding to an output terminal as adoption and an input terminal for the socket made from Teflon of original of being in the socket of this amplifier established reputation -in height of reliability our company.
They are the highest-class parts which also sell a simple substance, respectively and by which all are evaluated highly.
- The ammeter of an output tube is equipped and the state of a precious output tube can always be checked now.
A-08S The ammeter which can read the current of an output tube was arranged on Baloon.
By this, the exchange time of the vacuum tube could attach aim about, and became very convenient.
The time of a current value turning into 65-70% of rated values can judge it as exchange time.

A-08S-Baloon meter

- Specifications
formal: -- 45 single stereo power amplifier use vacuum tube:
Baloon form 45 (U.S. vintage article) 2 pcs. and 717A 2 pcs. and Baloon form 80 1 piece, all tubes are standard attachment
maximum output: -- 2W + 2W
frequency characteristic: -- 18-30kHz (at time of 1W output)
input impedance: -- 200kohm
outside dimension: -- 400 (W) -- 294 (D) -- 204 (H)
weight: -- 14.3kg