A-08S-205D version improvement order received start

Launching the type that used WE-205D of the A-08 power amplifier the year before last in our company we have obtained the popularity.

The year before last it passes to period, 2 degrees from to this year and be published as the article to the stereo sound company, "Vacuum tube kingdom" magazine and was paid attention to many one.

It had been decided to launch, improve this 205D amplifier because we understood what the tone quality improvement is able to accomplish furthermore by the adoption of the amplifier circuit and part with the effect with the amplifier other than our company meantime.

Although WE205D is a very excellent amplifier the output is only about 1W output. Therefore the speaker that uses it is limited. The high efficiency speaker such as the ALTEC and JBL, LAWTHER match. As for those speakers, the transformation efficiency is high, the output of the amplifier finishes small because the efficiency is good. However, on the other hand, even the noise of the amplifier comes largely according to it. As for WE205D generally even the interchange heated circuit the noise level to restrain fairly less the rose attachment and other reasons of the vacuum tube with the interchange heated circuit in the output noise in the rose attachment with seem to there are many cases as for, although it is possible. Thereupon, we changed the ignition method of WE205D, to, the DC heated circuit method of the shotkey diode use by both wave rectification that obtained the favorite result with A-09 in our company. Due to simple -ization of the circuit the constant voltage circuit is not used, and the only diode and capacitors are used. Thus remaining noise was able to hold down 0.4- 0.6mV. Raising a little even the voltage that supplies it to WE205D biggest output became about 1.3W. The rectifier tube is changing it to 80 clear of the sound even from 5U4G. Besides, we adopted a most high quality part to improvement etc., every part material of the adoption, output transformers, the capacitor that we enclosed with the ebony case.

Also, we did so that arrange the ammeter on Shashih and be constantly able to check the current of the output tube. The action condition of a precious WE205D vacuum tube is able to confirm and the approximate life of the vacuum tube, can judge with this ammeter.

By these improvement the sound is rich in the throb impression more and became a strong. When we hear with large 3 way speaker systems and, ALTEC605A of our company, it was obtained the sound that is strong did it to whether clearly even more 300B.

Although we are given receive with the order received production even this product it is crowded WE205D of the output tube and be asking to cause the action guarantee for 1 year including WE205D when you order with. Needless to say, the case becomes security of only the department material other than the output tube, although even to use possessed WE205D be possible. It is doing several sets of WE205D the stock in the 2005 year July present, our company. Please inquire the price etc. directly to our company.

Below we record the specification of this amplifier.

Output tube: WE-205D (Tennis ball shape, selling each)

Driver tube: WE-717A

Rectifier tube: 80

Biggest output: 1.3W/8

Frequency characteristic: 22 Hz-30kHz (-3dB)

Remaining noise: 0.4-0.6mV

Action condition of WE-205D

Plate Voltage: 380V

Plate Current: 25mA

Plate dissipation: about 9.5W

Rp: 5k ohms

Rk: 1.25k ohms

Drive method: the CR connection self bias method.

Improving it in July, 17 Heisei we asked to cause the price revised.