Information: Materials, such as QB-100, DKS, and DK speaker stand strut
The number of sale of audio accessories, such as a speaker stand of our company, especially has been increasing the popularity top and recently.
It is large-sized cube base QB-100 also in it, Speaker stand DKS series and DK series have gained broad popularity.
I am using the pure material of the 10cm angle of an Asada cherry tree for the above-mentioned base and a stand as a material.
These days, acquisition of the pure material of reduction in domestic timber to the 10cm angle is becoming difficult.
Therefore, it is due to be allowed to change the support of the 10cm angle, and the material of cube material into laminate lumber (what pasted the thinner material of two to three sheets together) from pure material.
When there is stock of the material of a 10cm angle, it is used, but when material goes out, it changes make it to laminate lumber.
In addition, there is hardly a difference by laminate lumber, such as appearance, sound quality, and intensity, and pure material.
The difference of a difference in the woodgrain pattern pasted together to the wood surface for a while can only be seen.
Please understand a situation.


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