YS-500 speaker of our company can try listening now in the Japan Kanto district.

Flagship products, such as YS-500 of our company, can try listening now in the Kanto area.
YS-500 speaker was large-sized, and in order to take a place, there was no place which can be former-exhibition-sold.
Lately, the place which Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa can exhibition-try listening was completed.
This is the teahouse which was able to put power into the audio, and can exhibition-try listening many our products now.
You exhibition-try listening 2 sets of speakers, 2 way rear surface open type speaker YS-500 of our company, and plane Buffle coaxial speaker YS-605P, now.
Thay have had A-08 S-WE101Version, CA-03L, etc. placed with amplifier.
The person of whom an audition is expected is asking you for reservation beforehand.
A storekeeper, Mr. Ito, thinks that he can give advice variously since you are well-informed also in an audio and vacuum tube amplifier.
Since it is a teahouse, although money is required, it can receive the delicious coffee which was scrupulous clever.
Please come to the store once.

The address of store : 3623-1, Nogawa, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 213-0027

Store mane : Tea drinking TUBE