Speaker Stand DKS-60 / DKS-KIT 

Price: 68,000yen/1pair

Completion type or, kit type or free selection.
The speaker stand DKS series is the speaker stand of the highest-class that was designed for the middle size/small size speaker. Such that the copy real left of the top matches to the speaker system of the Special 25 type of Signeture805, Dynaudio company of B & W company with DKS-60 it is made. It is the system of the kit type that combines the department material of every part and be able to compose the stand of the hope with oneself as the photograph of the right matches to various speakers with the same structure.
As for the speaker system that is marketed generally, there are many kinds very and the size differs to each. It is impossible to use it with all the same speaker stand. Also, even the height will change in the case that you hear and sit down to the room and carpet spreading of the tatami mat directly. The kit type of the right thinks those conditions and be the kit of the unique speaker stand that combines and be able to arrange the stand with the liking of oneself. As for the kind the board of the lower part 1 kind, the board of the upper side the height of 2 kinds, props are 4 kinds. Is 30 cm, 30 cm, the speaker of the profundity to 40 cm the size of the speaker that matches by this or the width the profundity 40 cm, the width and the height of the stand has come to able to compose every 10 cm from 30 cm to 60 cm. Please select the height in accordance with the hearing condition of oneself because it is done with optimal to combine to the height of the ear of when that the unit for the high-pitched tone queries regarding the set of the speaker.
The cherry tree undirt material and ebony base produce the sound on the pole.
The Asada cherry tree material of the material that is using it for this product is excellent lumber with the colleague of the cherry tree material of the domestic production that mainly does the raw in Hokkaido. Specific gravity is the material heavy, firmly elaborate being beautiful with about 0.73. Our company judges as the material that the sound is beautiful most than before and be also the material that we are adopting to the speaker box and wood horn etc. The part of the prop uses this Asada cherry tree just as the square lumber of the undirt of 10 cm and the board of the top and bottom is using as the bonded wood of 32 mm. Therefore the sound is beautiful, the music is reproduced lively. Because perform the prosessing in the board of the top and bottom and the prop is fixed with 4 bolts there is not rattling at all and can assemble easily to who because it is processed precisely.
Also, we are making it possible to support the speaker system the point by perform the processing of a round hollow to the board of the top and bottom and incorporating the pin style made of the Africa ebony the base there. This hollow is possible to able to select an optimal position from total of 12 positions for the kit and set most of the speakers with 3 point supports. This pin style the base is equal with simple substance product PB-9 of our company and be the effect of the point support the product that is admitted and have popularity since before. By combining this PB-9 the speaker arises about 3 mm, without touching as a whole the base and be supported with 3 points. The danger that inverts it in the case of this machine hardly occur, although there are many cases the stability becomes a problem in the case that it makes the point support generally. Also it is same, because the same processing is performed to the floor face side it becomes 3 point supports and decrease although the vibration to the floor face spreads. The floor face promotes that asks to spread the floor material of the property of wood or, or the good board of the sound to draw sufficient the effects of these 3 point supports. B-45 plane table base etc. of the selling each of our company is same even the material entirely and match well this stand.

DKS-60 specification
# Atching speaker: the use material such as B & W company Signeture805, Dynaudio company Special 25: # Main body: all the Hokkaido Asada cherry tree material, # Pin department: the Africa ebony # External form measure: 300 (W)×400 (D)×606 (H) # Board size of the upper side: 250 (W)×360 (D)
Size of the prop: 100 mm×100 mm # Thickness of the top and bottom board: 32 mm # Weight: about 8.9 kg (1 unit)
# We finish : the urethane coating (the wolnut color) with a touch of the furniture
# Price: 68,000yen/1pair (the setting base belonging made of the Africa ebony)

DKS-KIT every part material specification
# Floorboard (the length position) for the DKS series: DKS-UPD 10,500yen
# Floorboard (the side position) for the DKS series: DKS-UPW 10,500yen
# Under board (the length and breadth combined use) for the DKS series: DKS-BTD 10,500yen
Above 3 kinds of measure: 300×400×32 (t)
# DKS series for prop height 600 mm for (a real Sun 556 mm): DKS-SP60 8,500yen # Prop for the DKS series height 500 mm for (a real Sun 456 mm): DKS-SP50 7,000yen # Prop for the DKS series height 400 mm for (a real Sun 356 mm): DKS-SP40 6,000yen # Prop for the DKS series height 300 mm for (a real Sun 256 mm): DKS-SP30 5,000yen # Size of above 4 kinds of square lumber:100 mm×100 mm
# Pinpoint support base PB-9
(Diameter 32 mm×the height 19 mm) 3,500yen (4 pieces sets)
# We finish : the urethane coating a touch of the furniture
(The wolnut color)

# Combination example:
DKS-UPD 2 sheets,
DKS-BTD 2 sheets,
DKS-SP50 2 books,
PB-9 3 sets
Of the combination with
66,500yen (2 units minutes/excluding tax)

# The measure figure of the right is being prepared. Please request the one who hopes.

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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