8cm full range TQWT system speaker system

YS-08TQ YS-08 TQ-BL (Black finish) YS-08 TQ-CL (clear finish) 48,000yen(1 piece)


 YS-08TQ is the audio and the high-quality sound speaker system for AV which adopted the full-range speaker unit of a highly efficient 8cm caliber.
In the speaker box, adoption and high-quality sound which is powerful though it is small are realized for a special horn type system called TQWT.
Our company is the maker who inaugurated an enterprise from the place which manufactures a は wood horn etc. from the first, and has manufactured many highly efficient wood horns from 20 years or more before.
A wood horn load sound which came out of the speaker using the horn effect, and it is the technology which enlarges small volume without injuring sound quality.
This is technic of 100 years or more old before U.S. Western electric therefore it is developed electrically and it has been inherited.
At our company, this speaker was designed aiming at making the high-quality sound possible system with a small speaker system taking advantage of manufacture experience of that horn loudspeaker.
The TQWT system adopted as a YS-08TQ speaker is a system which attaches a speaker unit in the middle of rute of sound to which the taper was attached, amplifies efficiently the sound which came out from the back side of a speaker unit, uses it according to the horn effect, and earns an output level.
Although this also differs just in a system, it has the feature from which the clear sound in which the sound quality also had the feature of a horn loudspeaker is obtained by a kind of a clear horn loudspeaker.
At our company, while adding improvement, such as attaching an R to the corner portion in rute of sound, and becoming a problem from manufacture experience of the old wood horn by the TQWT system, low frequency was canceled, and the smooth reproduction zone was realized.
When the frequency characteristic was actually measured, the regeneration level of the middle range frequency from a lower port portion was high, and it was checked that the sound pressure outputted from this portion is greatly concerned with sound quality.
Although the output from a lower port portion was conventionally considered to be only low frequency, it has been a big conclusive factor of the sound quality improvement to improve the quality of the sound outputted from the port.
The cutoff frequency of the TQWT horn was designed to 90Hz, and it has succeeded in playing back for a flat to the frequency of 100Hz or more mostly.
This frequency has become the same as the value of f0 of a unit, reproduction of the low frequency not more than this is impossible in the unit of a small caliber, and it could be called the exactly optimal frequency range.
Although the unit currently used for the YS-08TQ speaker system is as small as an 8cm caliber, tuning is given to details so that the highest quality may be obtained.
It is an original unit only for our company by the hand of Mr. O of the AMM lab said for the design of a unit not to have those who come out to the right in the design of a small unit.
The thing which gave titanium coating to corn paper at the lightweight corn of a pulp system.
The flexible convex type edge of a rubber system with little aging is adopted as edge.
a powerful magnetic circuit a small unit high efficiency output sound pressure level has been obtained.
Since the caliber is small, the high frequency can secure output level sufficient to 16kHz, and covers the full zone with one unit.
Sound has adopted as the material of enclosure (speaker box) the 12mm thickness hippo plywood from Hokkaido which is acknowledged by a good thing.
density is high specific gravity about 0.7 being certain high it is an intensity material.
Since sound is beautiful, clear sound quality is obtained.
It is famous also for having adopted the plywood of the same material as the auto graph of old British Tannoy etc. mostly with this.
Finally the merit of sound of sound determines the grace of sound.

Precision processing of all the processings of the box part of YS-08TQ was carried out by NC control router machine in its company, and they have realized precise finish without an assembly error.
Since the structure inside a speaker is a little complicated, if there is no precision processing, variation will appear in a product -- the leakage of the sound arises.
They are this point and the advantage of our no one but which had processing equipment in its company.
The tenon slot was cut to the junction and the exact result is realized so that the leakage of the sound etc. may not arise at the time of an assembly.
I am preparing for finish of a box two kinds, the quality urethane clear finish which finished the textures of the material as it was, and black finish.
Since the hippo plywood from Hokkaido of the material is carrying out beautiful appearance, it becomes a beautiful result by clear finish.
On the other hand, black finish is considered so that it may be easy to match tone, when combining with television etc.
Since most is black finish, also when combining a speaker, black finish may fit nicely each other's television sold now.
Although it is more advantageous to use it without a cover as it is in sound quality, since a speaker unit has the danger of breakage, it attaches the punching network for protection.
Influence on a sound quality side is lessened in the high network of the open aperture ratio.
The punching network of black paint is attached to the product of black finish of the network of gold color paint at the product of clear finish.
The firm screw-fastening-type terminal is used for the speaker terminal of a YS-08TQ speaker system by banana plug correspondence.
A cable to the thinner cable of big can respond widely.
Since the YS-08TQ speaker system is compactly made with 114mm of breadth, a space will not be chosen putting on both the sides of television or installing under television.
It is also possible to use it combining a personal computer, of course.
If this amplifier is connected to a common personal computer, the merit of the improvement in sound quality is large.
moreover, this amplifier since high efficiency, it can drive enough also with the small vacuum tube amplifier of an output.
The volume which 45 single amplifier A-08S of the output 2W which is the standard power amplifier of our company may have is obtained.
Although the impedance of a speaker is 4ohms, it connects with an 8-ohm terminal as it is, and it can be used satisfactorily.
For the Class D digital amplifier which has increased in number with digital equipment recently, it becomes a merit that impedance is 4ohms.
Please try combining various AV digital equipment.

YS-08TQ Specifications
- Outside dimension : 114 (W) 300 (D) 600 (H)
- Weight : 3.2kg (1)
- frequency band: -- 100Hz - 16kHz- output sound pressure level: -- 89dB/1W/1m
- Impedance : 4ohms
- The maximum input : 10W
- Price : 48,000 yen (one set and the price according to tax) 

YS-08TQ-sp-unit YS-08TQ-sp-tansi YS-08TQ-tv