Step up transformer SUT-01 for the MC cartridge 120,000yen

SUT-01 is the first step up transformer in our company.
We are launching MC cartridge CA-1M more before in our
company. Also, although launch the high gain equalizer amplifier
called EQT-01 for the equalizer amplifier and came
corresponding to the MC cartridge we went promote that
combines it with the vacuum tube style pre amplifier aiming at
gentler charming sound the development of the step up
transformer as the premise.
Recently, the launching of pre amplifier CA-02 of the vacuum
tube style equalizer amplifier inclusion in accordance with, the
pair with, or it made to launch as the step up transformer that is
able to use it even alone.
Adopting and develop a more original method an original output
transformer in our company than before with vacuum tube style
power amplifier etc. it has used it. Influence etc. to the sound of
the difference, filling materials in the difference, volume line
method, insulation materials have been accumulated as the
know-how in the sound by the thickness of the material, the leaf
of the core material in the process. Devising even the base and
the like and the mounting method because it is producing
numerously even the setting base and the like in our company
also the highest tone quality was aimed at as the step up
The step up ratio of 30 times, 10 times profitable, the input
system is as the design that is able to match to most of the types
about the MC cartridge that exists each as 2 systems of 1-5ohms
and 20-40ohms.
Adopting) 10 mm the thickness 70 mm the external form 50 mm
(the inside diameter the large core that is thought the ring style
core of the super permalloy that has the highest performance in
the rate that admits the magnetism to the core material in all of
the exception for the adoption, step up transformer we have
gotten vast dynamic range and excellent low area characteristic.
The thickness of the leaf that composes the core material is said
that a high area characteristic is excellent as a generally thin
thing. By using the pole thin material called the thiek 0.1 mm in
this machine we have obtained an excellent high area
Adopting the Teflon that has the highest electricity insulation
nature to the insulation paper of the volume line in every
substance the improvement of the tone quality was
accomplished. Because the signal level where step up
transformer treats is extremely small the vibration control effect is
surprised it turns up such largely. Storing the coil of the
transformer, in the case that prevents the vibration that used
lumber and, thick heavy brass board etc., to eliminate the
influence of the vibration in this machine it is gluing and be fill up
it with highly efficient epoxy resin. It is making the influence of
small of the vibration that the transformer receives by this to the
limit. These are contributing to the improvement largely the tone
quality being final the one that applied the know-how in the
development process of the setting base with at the time of the
development of the vacuum tube amplifier of our company.
This machine of input-output terminal to our company original
chromium copper shaving taking out that pin Jacques obj adopt
high tone quality and high reliability obj securing be. the an It is
a characteristic to be worried about and be hurt the speaker
to etc. when pin Jacques withdrew from suddenly
because it is designed as the hot side parts previously when
the cold side, contacts previously and draw out this pin Jacques when shine the plug.
The appearance combines with equalizer amplifier inclusion style pre amplifier CA-02 of simultaneous launching and adopt
the wood panel by the cherry tree material and be putting out it the unification impression of the design.
We promote it to confirm the tone quality by the test listening by all means, because SUT-01 prepares the product for the test listening.

SUT-01 Specifications

Matching cartridge:
The impedance 1-5 ohms / 3 ohms terminals (30 times in comparison to the step up)
The impedance 20-40 ohms / 40ohms terminals (10 times in comparison to the step up)
Frequency characteristic: 5-70kHz
External form measure: 126 (W)92 (H)190 (D)
Weight: 3.0 kg
Fixed price: 120,000yen

その他 : 弊社の加工技術を駆使した木材、樹脂等の精密加工も承っています。(詳細はお問い合わせください)
Besides: the processing technology of our company even the precise processing of the lumber, resin etc. that utilized it are informed. (Inquire the details)

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