PB-18 Spike receptacle base made from African Black Wood
5800 yen (four pcs. sets)
A photograph top is the upper surface
and the bottom is the back.
Although the product which adopted the African Black Wood as a material from the former is put on the market and I have acquired popularity at our company, since the pin receptacle base which newly combined an African Black Wood and alumina ceramics lately will be put on the market, I show around.

African Black Wood material is a material it is very hard and precise and beautiful actually used for oboe, a clarinet, etc. Specific gravity is one of the strong materials heavy as about 1.4 and hardest also in wood.

An African Black Wood is well of the sound acknowledged, it is adopted as many musical instruments, and also it is evaluated highly also as a material of the arrangement base of our company, and QB-3, PB-9, PB-10, etc. have become a best seller in our company. These think that it is the result of accepting the beautiful sound which not only the free vibration suppression effect but its material has. In strength, although metal is not matched, the natural sound considers not being obtained by it at others. Incidentally this African Black Wood is a material from which the ebony (striped ebony) of Southeast Asia completely differs. Grain is also coarse quite more softly [ the ebony from Southeast Asia / specific gravity is about 1.15 and ] also in respect of the quality of the material than an African Black Wood. Moreover, only an African Black Wood is used for oboe or a clarinet. Although it was already considered as the base for spike receptacles and was on sale in PB-10 made from an African Black Wood at our company, since there were many people of whom sound expects more the beautiful thing which has large mass, I did development of this product. What adopted the spike is increasing in the latest speaker and amplifier. If the leg of those apparatus is received on a metal receptacle basis, peculiar to metal will arise, or its pin point of a spike is hurt. In an African Black Wood, when metal spikes are received from the beauty of moderate hardness (softness) and its sound, it can eat away moderately, and it can hold exactly. Furthermore, in PB-18, the chip of alumina ceramics was inserted in the back which touches a floor, and the further vibration suppression effect is achieved as three-point support.

Alumina 96 is adopted as this ceramic chip. Alumina 96 has hardness as high as the hardness 9 which ranks second to a diamond, and is from which the reproduction sound which cleared up since it was comparatively light is obtained. The lug from the bottom of the base where this ceramic chip has an actual diameter at 12mm is only about 0.5mm, and it can stabilize and install, without damaging a floor, since the tip is rounded. However, since a floor cannot fully pull out the effect in the room of a carpet or a straw mat, I recommend you the installation side of PB-18 to have covered with the portion of a woody floor, or the good board of sound as much as possible, and to install. Since the monotonous base B-45 of our company etc. is the optimal product for such a use, we recommend you combined use by all means.

PB-18 A standard, specification
- Quality of the material (main part part) : African Black Wood pure material
- quality-of-the-material (three-point grounding part): alumina ceramic (alumina 96)
- outside dimension: 38(W) x38(D) x18.5 (H)
- Depth:5mm- weight which is a hollow on the upper surface of diameter:17mm- which is a hollow on top : about 130g (four pieces)
- Price : 5,800 (constructing four pieces)